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Over time the treads on your tires wear down. When this happens, you start to lose traction as you drive. Balding tires put you at a higher risk for auto accidents. Our shop carries a variety of different new and used tire options from high performance tires to long lasting options.

Our tire brands include:

• Hankook

• Goodyear

• Michelin

• Firestone

• Goodrich

• Yokohama

• Dunlop

• Bridgestone

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One of the main ways you can preserve the tread on your tires is by having them rotated. Rotation ensures that your tires wear down evenly. Get your tires rotated today.

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When you come to us for your tire needs, make sure that you

save money by coming to us. We offer quality, gently used tires,

which are a great option for the budget conscious buyer.