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Air conditioner repairs

Stay cool in the summer

When it comes to staying cool during the extreme heat of the summer, rolling down the windows just doesn't cut it. You need a good running air conditioning system. We offer Freon replacement and complete A/C repair to keep you cool. We serve Malden & 5 mile radius stretch.

Our A/C service includes:

• Blower motors

• Heater cores

• A/C heater controls

• A/C system repair

• Heating system repair

• A/C service

• A/C Recharge

• Power accessories

Fair prices and reliable repairs

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repair needs

Having a working heater is absolutely essential in the winter.

It can be dangerous if you go out driving without a heater.

We offer complete car heater repairs at great prices.

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With used tires

When you come to us for your tire needs, make sure that you

save money by coming to us. We offer quality, gently used tires,

which are a great option for the budget conscious buyer.